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Somerset Advisory is a fiduciary, private wealth practice led by an award-winning, nationally-ranked* financial advisor

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Introducing Somerset Advisory. Solely focused on our clients.

At Somerset Advisory, we are committed to culture, service, and deep roots in our communities. We define a relationship as two or more people being connected, and our objective is to meaningfully connect with each of our clients and their families.

While our practice is located in Birmingham, Alabama and serves clients throughout the Southeast, our name was inspired by Henry Lord Somerset, the 2nd Duke of Beaufort, the namesake of Beaufort, South Carolina. It was in Beaufort where Managing Director Lauren Pearson developed her first client relationships. Somerset Advisory honors these relationships and our philosophy with an homage to these origins. The city remains near and dear to both Lauren and her family.

We strive to serve each of our clients in the way they want to be served. How do we quantify this focus? First, we enjoy a high client retention rate. Some of our clients have been with us for more than a decade, allowing us to create and execute planning strategies over multiple generations in a family. Second, we create a customized service plan for each client. Some clients want to hear from us often, and some enjoy active involvement in the investment process. Some clients enjoy face-to-face meetings, and some like our team to handle everything. We strive to accommodate each client’s preferences and needs with an uncompromising standard of personalized service.

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